Wednesday | Oct 1 2014

Brent Birnbaum ”Back”

Human body, tattoo artist, mixed media installation. 

210 minute performance, 2014

Wednesday | Oct 1 2014


Roxy Paine - Speech Impediment, 2014


23 x 40 x 11 inches (58.4 x 101.6 x 27.9 cm)

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Wednesday | Oct 1 2014


We’re celebrating National Coming Out Day a little bit early this year with our friends at everyoneisgay.

Join us on October 6th at housingworksbookstore in NYC to meet, mingle, drink free drinks, and celebrate the new book This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids. Hear stories from dannielle, kristinnoeline, holabrody, liam-lowery, and jennyowenyoungs!

This party is free, all ages, and open to the public. Tell your friends!

Wednesday | Oct 1 2014


Opens Fri, Oct 3, 6-9p:

Remain in Light
 Rose Eken
The Hole, 312 Bowery, NYC

“For the exhibition Eken will exhibit a forensic assortment of hand-painted ceramics arranged by size on the floor and three large tapestries on the walls. The sculptures will include all the objects one might find in a punk venue, perhaps even our former across-the-street neighbor here on the Bowery, CBGBs. From microphone stands all the way down to tiny bottle caps and guitar pics, these handmade and hand-painted objects will create a personalized memorial to NYC’s dwindling lawless zones and the mayhem they contained. Their anthropological arrangement on the floor suggests a methodical and scientific approach to categorizing and analyzing a lost culture, as though a forensic dig of the venue unearthed these strange relics.”

read our 2013 interview with Rose Eken  —>HERE<—

Wednesday | Oct 1 2014


Gabriel Pionkowski - Madison, WI

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Tuesday | Sep 30 2014

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Tuesday | Sep 30 2014


Louise Bourgeois, To Unravel a Torment You Must Begin Somewhere, no. 8 of 9, from the series What is the Shape of this Problem?, 1999

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Tuesday | Sep 30 2014

MoMA Teens Online Course: Apply Now


Next-Gen New York

The MoMA Teens Guide to What’s Happening Now

Created by a group of MoMA Teens alumni, this four-week online art course takes participants on a journey to explore what’s happening NOW in New York City’s art scene. Take the subway with us to Brooklyn to see different artists’ studios. Discover new and non-traditional art-making techniques, and make your own artwork in response. Learn about the Museum’s collection and investigate the ways in which gender and sexuality are being upended by creative counterculturalists just like you. Gain VIP access to content that is only available to members of the course, and meet other creative young artists from around the world. This is a class on YOUR terms, made for you by a community of your peers. And you can take part in it anytime you want, day or night—It’s like having 24-hour access to The Museum of Modern Art!

Please note: The course is completely free of charge! All applicants must be 13-17 years old. No prior arts experience necessary. Course begins Saturday, November 1, 2014. Applications are due by Wednesday, October 29.

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Tuesday | Sep 30 2014

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For NYC teens ages 13–19.
No experience necessary, but
applications are required.
MoMA provides all materials.

Click on In the Making for more information.
Fill out my online form.