Tuesday | Jul 22 2014

•••••¡¡ MoMA Teens 20K Giveaway !!•••••

In celebration of our rapidly-approaching 20,000th follower, MoMA Teens will be giving away the following summer art prizes to one lucky reblogger:

-3 pairs of limited-edition MoMA Teens sunglasses (green, blue, & pink)

-Dick Blick hardcover sketchbook (5 1/2 x 8 1/2”) 

-2 8x10” reusable silk screens (w/ 2 squeegees) 

-One jar (8 oz) of violet colored fabric ink

-$10 iTunes giftcard

-2 back-issues of People Magazine (1990)

-One small linocut block

-Two 3-D printed MoMA Teens plastic figurines

-One BFFA3AE x MoMA Teens Poster (from an edition of 100)

-InstaMorph moldable plastic

-Dust Mask

-A complete set of mini-MoMA reproductions (feat. art by Willem de Kooning, Jean Michel Basquiat, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Felix Gonzales-Torres, Francis Bacon, and more)

Reblog for your chance to win!!! We’ll choose a winner when we hit 20K! (Soon!)  

xo xo xo 

MoMA Teen Programs

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Tuesday | Jul 22 2014


Female Bust, 1937 ~ Pablo Picasso

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Monday | Jul 21 2014


Jamming with new brushes. Fun!

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Monday | Jul 21 2014

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Monday | Jul 21 2014

Must have. 

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Friday | Jul 18 2014


Native & indigenous films continue this weekend with On the Ice, Miss Navajo, and more. 

[On the Ice. 2010. USA. Directed by Andrew Okpeaha MacLean. 85 min. Courtesy of MacLean and Sundance Institute.]

Friday | Jul 18 2014

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Thursday | Jul 17 2014

Babycastles Arcade: Week 2!

Visit from guest artist Eli Dvorkin, scavenger hunt in the galleries, brainstorming for arcade themes, field trip to the Silent Barn, and role assignments for our final arcade!

Thursday | Jul 17 2014

Sculpture Boot Camp: Week 2!Organic + collaborative pinchpots, coil building, armature workshop, rubber molds, and 2-part plaster molds

Thursday | Jul 17 2014

Artistic Elements: Week 2!

Making “future fossils” with plaster casts, candle-making with sand, and sunny field trip to Central Park to make imprints!

For NYC teens ages 13–19.
No experience necessary, but
applications are required.
MoMA provides all materials.

Click on In the Making for more information.
Fill out my online form.