Thursday | Jul 31 2014

Under the Spell of Mysterious Forces: Week 4!

Visiting Witch Courtney Weber discussed tarot with us. Then we visited the Sigmar Polke exhibition and worked more on our final projects!

Thursday | Jul 31 2014

Babycastles Arcade: Week 4!

Learning how to make controllers from visiting artist Syed Salahuddin. Then we got into full-swing arcade-building mode!

Thursday | Jul 31 2014

Sculpture Boot Camp: Week 4!

Stiffening clothing with adhesive to create sculptures and a visit to Keith’s studio in Williamsburg for welding and metal cutting!

Thursday | Jul 31 2014

Artistic Elements: Week 4!

Making Inflatables

Thursday | Jul 31 2014

You are invited. 

Thursday | Jul 31 2014
Thursday | Jul 31 2014


Jacques Villon, born today in 1875, was older brother of another major artist: Marcel Duchamp. 

[Jacques Villon. The Game of Solitaire. (1903-1904).]

Wednesday | Jul 30 2014


Now available in our store: a limited edition skateboard in the shape of the New Museum’s iconic building, designed by Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning firm SANAA. In collaboration with Chapman Skateboards, one of the premier skateboard manufacturers in the US, the New Museum Store is producing a limited edition of 150 handcrafted skate decks made from Canadian Hardrock Maple wood featuring a high-gloss paint mix.

Check it out here.

Hahaha. Cool… 

Wednesday | Jul 30 2014


jenny holzer shirt

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Wednesday | Jul 30 2014


Lakor Mis


For NYC teens ages 13–19.
No experience necessary, but
applications are required.
MoMA provides all materials.

Click on In the Making for more information.
Fill out my online form.